Most high performance carbide drills have a PVD coating which increases their tool life. At ITG, we recoat nearly 95% of all the drills we receive. 

General purpose coating – low heat resistance. Good lubricity.


Good abrasion resistance. Recommended
 for aluminum, brass & bronze applications. Low heat resistance - good quality.

Multi-layer coating with good thermal stability for increased speeds and feeds. for semi-dry to dry cutting of most steels, high-nickel alloys stainless steel and cast iron. excellent heat resistance- good lubricity .For materials that are 40Rc and under
A single-layer coating whose hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability were optimizes for material hardness above 52HRC and high speed machining of materials that are difficult to work(titanium alloys, invonel). Completes with AlTiN
A Multi-layer coating with thermal stability & lubricating properties needed for the drillig of steels , high-nickel alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium brass, & bronze.  Excellent heat resistance- great lubricity.
G6 Generation coating. Greater abrasion resistance, extra shear strength, lower adhesion tendency, maximum toughness and a very smooth surface achieve a quantum leap in drilling performance. This coating is particularly advantageous for carbide drills.
A thin film coating with a low affinity for aluminum, ideal for machining aluminum alloys. The resistance to adhesion of aluminum allows higher speeds or feeds. Coating thickness is intentionally kept lower in order to maintain a sharp edge.
Improved productivity in composites and non ferrous metals. Excellent choice for cutting graphite, fiberglass and silicon-based aluminum. Can be added to a special for milling or drilling applications